Job Openings/Applications

The Cross County School District is currently seeking highly-motivated individuals to serve in the following roles:



- Cross County School District is seeking a K-12 school nurse. This position has school hours with competitive wages. Contact Jessica Stacy at jessica.stacy@crosscountyschools.com or 870-588-3337 for details. Interested applicants may complete an application and send those to jessica.stacy@crosscountyschools.com. 

Interested applicants can send their applications and resumes to Nathan Morris, Superintendent of Schools at: nathan.morris@crosscountyschools.com. Applications are linked on this page.

Future Applicants

The Cross County School District is always looking for effective teachers interested in teaching in the following positions in the future: 

  • Elementary Education K-6
  • Secondary/Middle Grades Math
  • Secondary/Middle Grades Science
  • Secondary/Middle Grades Social Studies
  • Secondary/Middle Grades English Language Arts

If you would like to keep your resume and application on file, please send your documents to the building level principals. Applications are available on this page or by clicking here

Elementary K-6: Jessica Stacy jessica.stacy@crosscountyschools.com

High School 7-12: Stephen Prince stephen.prince@nt.crosscountyschools.com

Cross County School District uses WillSub to employ substitute teachers.