Wellness Meeting

August 8, 2018

1st Quarter

The agenda included listing the nine days of special events:

  • Elementary Treat Days
  1. Fall Festival Holiday Festivity
  2. Valentine’s Day
  3. The last Friday of each month without a celebrated holiday.
  • High School Treat Days
  • Trust Card Treat days once a month
  • Menu review for compliance with the National Lunch Program and State standards.
  • Deborah and Shannon, food care workers, in lead positions, state that the foods meet and exceed the regulations and guidance issued by USDA.
  • Open discussion.
  • Questions for our lead food care workers
    • A la carte items, do these fall out of compliance with standard.
  • Goals for nutrition education
    • Farm to You.
    • Partner with county extension program
    • Serve Safe certification
  • Physical activity for staff and students
    • Access to a walking trail for community and teachers
    • Gym access
    • Many staff has a Fit Bit
    • Students are in compliance with physical activity including recess and physical activity class.
  • Promote student wellness.
    • Do all foods in each campus meet the objectives of reducing student obesity?
  • Our school meets and exceeds state standards.
    • Our new menu emphasizes fruits and vegetables during lunch.
    • Flyers and posters are displayed to promote healthy eating and healthy living though out the halls.
    • We have second chance breakfast to ensure students receive a healthy meal.
  • Are the guidelines for reimbursable meals no less restrictive than regulations and guidance issued by USDA?
    • All students receive free breakfast and lunch.
    • Our school participates in CEP program.
  • How can we as the Wellness Committee measure that each school fulfills the districts local wellness policy?
    • We have seen a significant increase in students eating in the cafeteria.
  • The Wellness Committee must periodically make available to the public an assessment of the local wellness policy including:
  • Extent to which schools are in compliance.
  • We meet and exceed the guidelines set by the state and USDA.
  • Extent the to which LEA’s local wellness policy compares to model local school wellness programs.
    • Wellness policy is in the school handbook for anyone to read, the model for local school wellness programs can be found on the Arkansas Department of Education’s website.
  • Progress made in attaining the goals of the local wellness policy
    • Increased numbers eating in the cafeteria
    • We are still operating a school based health program, including a mental health program for students and those in the community.

Those present for Wellness meeting include:

  • Jessica Stacy—Elementary Principal
  • Mindy Searcy—District Executive Master Teacher
  • Stephen Prince—High School Principal
  • Dana Otterpohl—ACSIP
  • Valerie Johnson—Parent Coordinator
  • Cynthia Hoots—Parent
  • Michelle Sullivan—District School Nurse

Meeting commenced at 1:30pm

Meeting concluded at 2:30pm