Proposed Turf Field

The Cross County School District unveiled plans for its new multi-use sports facility on Tuesday The project will include upgrades to the ticket booth and concession stand inside the current Thunderbird Stadium.

“The upgrades that we are doing to the stadium will have a tremendous impact on our fans,” said Cross County Superintendent Dr. Nathan Morris. “Our plan is to add more serving windows to both the ticket booth and the concession so that they will be more accessible to fans.”

In addition to the ticket booth and concession stand a new bathroom facility is being planned for the south side of the concession stand.

“The bathrooms have been functional, but are long overdue for renovation,” added Morris. 

The culminating project of the stadium renovation will be the completion of an artificial turf field. The turf field will create a playing surface that is consistent everywhere and can lower the maintenance cost of a traditional grass field. 

Dr. Morris announced the project through a video on the District’s social media pages and it comes after the school updated the bleachers, press box and lighting last year. 

According to Dr. Morris, the school has seen tremendous support from the community so far.

“It is our goal to continue to make improvements to the stadium and that is only made possible through the support and leadership of our community businesses and leaders,” said Dr. Morris. The school needs the support of businesses, individuals, foundations and friends in order to make the necessary improvements to provide programs that are so important to the community, added Dr. Morris.

Athletic Director and head football coach Cody Goulart said there are many ways that the community can help. The football field will feature Legacy logos on both the home and visitor side and will be on the field for over a decade. This will allow businesses and community partners to have a lasting advertisement right next to the action.

Goulart added that there are many different levels of sponsorship that are available.

“Everyone has the opportunity to benefit our school through the sponsorship levels,” said Goulart.

The school is currently taking pledges of support from the community in order to ensure the necessary improvements can be made that will benefit our school and community.

Click here to see the various levels of sponsorship and to learn more.