School Board

The Cross County School Board was named the recipient of the 2022 School Board of Excellence in Leadership Award on Friday, December 9th at the Arkansas School Boards Association’s Annual Conference at the Statehouse Convention Center. 

This award recognizes school boards whose dedication and ethical service have made a positive impact on the students in their district. Districts are chosen based on evidence from each of the following eight criteria:

  • The board’s support for educational performance

  • Support for educational improvement projects

  • Commitment to a code of ethics

  • Maintenance of harmonious and supportive relationships among members of the board

  • Functions as a policy-making body with adherence to adopted policies

  • Provision of financial support for the school system

  • Participation in workshops and other performance improvement programs

  • Public relations efforts, including community awareness

“This is such an honor for our Board of Education,” said Dr. Nathan Morris, Superintendent of Cross County School District. “They have long had a reputation of hard work and dedication to the students of the Cross County School District.  Their vision for innovation and drive for excellence while putting students first is shown in all of their decisions."

The Cross County School Board consists of seven members: 

  • Zone 1: Ashley Armstrong

  • Zone 2: Derek Wood, President

  • Zone 3: Dewayne Cameron

  • Zone 4: Shane Bell, Vice President

  • Zone 5: Wade Halk

  • Zone 6: Joan Ball

  • Zone 7: Craig Walker, Secretary